Rethink Your Drink!

Rethink Your Drink!

While you or your children reach for your next sugary drink to quench your thirsts, look at the below chart first and rethink your drink!


Yes, we are all guilty of both eating and drinking food and beverages that we shouldn’t; however, the occasional guilty pleasure is still okay, but making a fruit drink for example, a habit, can over time have serious consequences.  Hydration is essential we all know that, but too many sugary drinks especially in kids and teens are their major source of calories.  Aside from the fact that all of this sugar can cause obesity and cavities it can also cause unwanted illnesses such as diabetes.   Why drink these sugary drinks if water is so readily available to everyone!  To make things even better obtain pure clean clear water free of chemicals and unwanted toxins by visiting Ronaqua.

Leading world institutions have repeatedly confirmed that healthy living starts with healthy water. It is vital that everyone should have access to high-quality drinking water; water that is full of life and free of harmful toxins. All of Ronaqua’s products are created by taking into account different requirements, latest researches and newest technologies for water treatment, making it possible to effectively purify water of any source anywhere in the world. That is why all of our water filter components are engineered for minimal waste and optimal hydration. Our purification system uses best-in-class technology to provide maximum reduction in noxious impurities while keeping good stuff such as calcium, magnesium, and potassium within. Furthermore, our water filters meet NSF standards to reduce 66 common water contaminants including over 96% of chlorine and chloramines as well as over 99% of lead, asbestos, turbidity, and VOC’s.

Stay Healthy My Friends!


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  • Rostislav Grutman