Ronaqua Advantages Over Others

Ronaqua Advantages for You, Your Family and Loved Ones

The main task of every water filter is to effectively and irreversibly remove harmful impurities. The filter keeps all accumulated contaminants while deeply cleaning the water. Additionally, the materials used for production must be safe for the health of the consumer. So, should you try Ronaqua?

Ronaqua fully meets these requirements. What are the main differences between regular filters and Ronaqua filters?
Most manufacturers of household water filters have borrowed water treatment technologies from industrial systems. However, such scaling entails a number of imperfections such as filters purifying water more poorly, or deteriorating more quickly. Ronaqua advantages over these industrial systems by developing a filter specifically for the household. As a result, the technologies used by the company, and filters based on them, are the best way to cope with water treatments.

Choose Ronaqua Purification Technologies

In search of the highest quality of water purification, Ronaqua developed, tested and implemented many advanced water purification technologies. It uses a combined purification method of aquapropylene and coconut shell carbon, a unique sorbent fiber used in virtually all Ronaqua filters, as well as optimal methods for mixing granular and fibrous sorbents, the production of carbon blocks and the use of hollow fiber membranes. For even more safety and precaution, Ronaqua advantages by using an ultraviolet purification system that results in the elimination of all harmful bacteria and traces of it such as E. Coli, viruses, fungi and many other contaminants. Learn more about our purification technologies here.

Ronaqua advantages over other companies with

  • cleaning efficiency from mechanical impurities (sand, clay, rust, ...) as well as effectively reducing up to 99% of contaminants
  • removing organic impurities (phenols, pesticides, chloro-organic compounds, ...)
  • eliminating unpleasant flavors, odors
  • removing heavy metal ions
  • removing colloidal iron (yellow precipitate on plumbing and appliances)
  • removing microbes, bacteria, and viruses
  • water purification rates
  • extended life of the filter modules
  • filters always in stock
  • same day shipping

All this became possible due to the fact that Ronaqua is one of the few manufacturers of water filters that independently implements the entire production cycle. Applications of advanced scientific and design developments, the company's production potential and a responsible approach to quality allowed it to reasonably take the place of a technological leader in the water purification industry. At all stages from analyzing the needs of the consumer, to final product creation, Ronaqua takes quality control very seriously allowing the consumer to enjoy water straight from the tap. That's why Ronaqua is the best supplier of water treatment systems for your home. Explore our website, find your Ronaqua advantage!